enchantress of bioluminosity


Excerpts from films & videos by Andrea Beeman

HD color video, sound, 7 minutes.
Can science replicate nature's power to communicate through glowing signals in the dark? The Enchantress of Bioluminosity embodies the spirit of this scientific phenomenon.

Made in residency at LAB HD, NYC.

16mm color, sound, 14 minutes.

Namasivaya explores the mythical elements which comprise the cosmos. Filmed in the otherwordly gypsum dunes of southern New Mexico, Namasivaya's poetic visual mosaic evokes a sensual and transcendent meditiation.

Premiered at New Filmmakers Series NYC with a live fireshow.

GUEDRA (1991)
16mm color, sound, 19 minutes.

Glimpses of Moroccan life—the people, their countryside, the rich colors and textures of their lives—entwine Jajouka's entrancing performance of the Guedra dance. The intricately cadenced fingerwork of the Guedra dance conveys the essence of stories and journeys whose ancient meanings have long been lost.

Acquired by the Dance Collection, NY Library for the Performing Arts.

color video, sound, 11 minutes.
In collaboration with egnkn the Minister of Lamination.

Lamination Ritual celebrates the transformation of the mundane into the realms of OFFICIALDOM, of ordinary into extraordinary...

Honorable Mention, Black Maria Film Festival.