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Andrea has been a dedicated teacher of Middle Eastern dance since 1993, teaching weekly classes to all ages and to all levels, from beginner to professional. Her knowledge of traditional Egyptian, North African and Turkish dance is the foundation upon which she builds her classes, but she also adds Indian, Latin and Spanish influences to her choreography and combinations.

Andrea’s classes for beginners focus on breaking down classic Arabic technique, clarifying isolations, building strength, increasing flexibility and discovering the sensuality of the movements. As students advance, she teaches an appreciation of music and an understanding of Middle Eastern dance’s unique rhythmic patterns. She is one of a few teachers who still teach the art of playing zills (finger cymbals). Known for her work with the veil, she also offers instruction in the use of the cane, fan, skirt, fan veils, tray of candles and sword.

Andrea's advanced students, the Dancing Rubies, perform her choreographies, and she encourages her students' creative expression by offering them performance opportunities in supportive environments. Her classes for all levels are fun and challenging, geared to benefit both the body and spirit.

Andrea has taught workshops on a variety of topics as well as coached individual dancers one on one. Whether working with a group or with an individual, Andrea strives to find the best way for her students to share her passion for Middle Eastern dance.

Andrea's workshop topics have included: