enchantress of bioluminosity


“Andrea is a clear, patient and intuitive teacher; her classes, workshops and private lessons have improved my technique, fluidity and posture. Andrea has a keen eye for details and finishing touches that make even a simple movement look rich and expressive. Her workshops, which I have sponsored, yield only positive feedback from attendees, who praise her great skill with choreography.”
Tava, Norwalk, CT

“Thank you for not only stretching my body but also my mind.”
Arlette, Bronx, NY

“Thank you for sharing your love of dance with us – it's infectious!!!”
Lynn, Staten Island, NY

“Your peace, your style, your passion really inspired me and I looked up to you. I still do!”
Paula, the Dominican Republic

“I have been a student of Andrea's for several years. It was through her consistent and mindful teaching that I, a very nervous beginner, continued to grow and embrace a culture I knew nothing about before. Andrea's instruction is authentic, the depth of her cultural knowledge impressive and inspiring, and her character honest and genuine. Her performances remind me that being elegant and respectful of oneself is always important. Through these last few years, I have become more confident and graceful in and outside of the studio. I feel very lucky to have Andrea as a mentor.”
Najla Nikole, Queens, NY

“Thank you for enlivening my spirit.”
Carolyn, Bronx, NY

“You’re great—especially your sense of humor!”
Lois, New York City

“Always inspiring, fun and sensual.”
Jackquelynn, Bronx, NY

“Thank you for all you do for your students but most of all for your patience.”
Luz, Bronx, NY